How to use the filter press after a long period of inactivity?

How to use or operate the filter press after a long period of inactivity?


The filter press machine is one of the important equipment in the sludge and wastewater treatment process with its simple structure and ease of use. However, it does not mean that you can always operate the machine easily. What we want to emphasize here is that in some cases, if the machine is not used for a long time, operational issues need to be given more attention to ensure that the machine continues to function well at its original capacity.

Here are 6 things you need to consider to effectively reuse the filter press machine after a long period of inactivity:

1. General check before operation

Before starting to use, check the entire machine to ensure that all components are working properly and not damaged. During the inactive period, the sludge press machine may be damaged or have worn-out parts, rust, and dust accumulation, leading to issues during operation.

Carry out a thorough check of the filter press after a long time of not using it
Carry out a thorough check of the filter press after a long time of not using it

If not checked before reuse, this can result in reduced efficiency, increased repair costs, and even pose a danger to the user. Therefore,general check before operation of the filter press is necessary to ensure proper operation, minimize risks, and save time and costs for maintenance and repairs in the future.

2. Filter press cleaning

During the inactive period, the parts of the filter press can undergo oxidation, dust accumulation, scale deposition, or aging. When not cleaned before reuse, impurities and dirt can reduce the operational efficiency of the machine or cause issues such as blockages and sediment build-up.

Filter cloth is an extremely important component, so pay close attention to it during machine cleaning. Check if your filter cloth is damaged or still meets the standards for a complete press batch. In many cases, you may need to replace the filter cloth set when the machine has been unused for a period ranging from six months to a year.

The filtration press from Western Filter is thoroughly cleaned
The filtration press from Western Filter is thoroughly cleaned

Cleaning the filter press before reuse helps eliminate impurities and dirt, reduces the risk of malfunctions, ensures stable and efficient operation, extends the machine’s lifespan, and reduces maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, before reuse, thoroughly clean the machine using high-pressure water or suitable cleaning agents.

3. Lubrication for the filter press

During the reuse process, ensure that all parts are adequately lubricated to ensure optimal operational performance. Additionally, lubrication before reuse helps remove impurities and protect the parts from wear and corrosion. Furthermore, lubrication reduces friction between components, enhances machine performance, and reduces noise. Using specialized lubricating oils helps protect and prolong the lifespan of the machine.

Therefore, lubricating the machine before reuse is an important step in maintaining and protecting the filter press machine.

4. Adjusting parameters

After reuse, readjust the operational parameters of the machine, such as pressing pressure, current flow, membrane pump pressure adjustment, air compressor, and sludge thickness, to ensure optimal operational performance.

5. Gradual filter press startup

When the sludge filter press is inactive for a long period, the parts can undergo oxidation, scale deposition, or aging. If the machine is started quickly, the system’s pressure and temperature can suddenly increase, causing impacts and abrasion between the parts, leading to damage or malfunctions during operation.

Gradually starting the machine before reuse helps reduce stress and friction between the machine’s components, ensures that the system’s pressure and temperature gradually and controllably increase, reduces the risk of impacts and abrasion, and ensures safe and efficient machine startup.

6. Monitor the filter press’s performance

The Western Filter sludge press machine is continuously monitored throughout the restart process
The Western Filter sludge press machine is continuously monitored throughout the restart process

Monitor the performance of the sludge filter press to detect early signs of abnormalities and take timely corrective measures. This helps ensure efficient operation and avoid unnecessary issues.

In conclusion

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