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Nui Phao Mining is a subsidiary of Masan Group – one of the large corporations in the private sector of Vietnam.


Nui Phao is a subsidiary of Masan Group – one of the large corporations in the private sector of Vietnam. In Masan, there are member companies such as Masan Consumer specializing in the production of consumer goods with familiar brands such as Chin su, Nam Ngu, Omachi…, Masan banking branded Techcombank and Masan Resources (Masan Resources) with multi-mines. metal with the second largest tungsten reserves in the world after China. Currently, Masan has been operating Nui Phao mine with an Australian technology processing plant with a capacity of 3.5 million tons of ore per year in Thai Nguyen.

automatic drip tray system

Exploitation strategy goes hand in hand with protection.

With the criterion of putting environment and safety in parallel with economic efficiency, the exploitation and use of minerals of Nui Phao project focuses on limiting resource lost and negative impacts on the environment in the future. the process of exploration, exploitation and processing; do not export raw mineral materials, enhance refining … With these standards Masan Resources has contributed to the sustainable development of the environment for mining projects, minimizing any adverse effects of the project on the environment. Especially, Nui Phao project is designed by a gathering of international-class contractors both at home and abroad.

The largest and most diversified supplier of engineering and procurement services for processing plants.

Typical of which is Jacobs Engineering Group, the largest and most diversified supplier of engineering and procurement services for processing plants, connection infrastructure… Licogi 13 undertakes mass earth works. large for terminal dams and affected areas in processing plants and big names in construction and mining industry such as LILAMA 10,  Petrosetco, Comin Asia… are also involved in this project.

Hệ thống driptray tự động

Provide auxiliary equipment for ore mining system – Automatic drip tray system.

WESTERN FILTER TECH is proud to be one of the units in Vietnam providing auxiliary equipment for the ore press system for the plant. With our efforts to improve product quality and improve workmanship, our products are not only suitable for the environmental industry but also suitable for the mining industry.

Research and manufacturing process.

Our engineer team is trained & trained every year by experts from big corporation in the world. The ability to master motion simulation technologies SOLIDWORKS – INVENTOR… We have provided the market with the best quality products.

Hệ thống driptray tự động

(Image simulation of automatic drip tray system on SOLIDWORKS)

Hệ thống driptray tự động

(automatic drip tray system)

The machine is designed according to Taiwanese technology with the typical advantages of compactness – simple operation – easy calibration.

  • Standard Dimensions D x R x C: 7500 x 2500 x 1500 mm
  • Suitable for machines with a capacity of 3 – 5 tons of sludge/press batch.

Hệ thống driptray tự động

(Image of loading the drip tray automatic system to the factory)

Hệ thống driptray tự động

(Image of automatic drip tray system installed at the factory)

WESTERN FILTER TECH is a unit specializing in providing solutions – sewage sludge treatment equipment – prestigious and top quality mechanical equipment. We are pleased to serve customers in many fields: Food – Environment – Heavy industry – Mining… With our existing strengths, we hope to gain more trust from our customers.

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