4 Application field of dewatering screw press

1. What is Dewatering Screw Press?


The screw press is a specialized machine for sludge treatment. Like other sludge dewatering machines on the market, screw presses are used to treat sludge generated during the wastewater treatment process. To see if the machine is suitable for the type of wastewater, capacity or area you are interested in. Let’s find out through the article below!

Structure of screw press machine

The screw press includes the following main accessories:

  • Main motor
  • Safety protection frame system
  • Adjustment ring
  • Gear box
  • Solid discharge chamber
  • Feed pipe
  • Main frame
  • Sludge cake
  • Shock absorber
  • Agitator system
  • Spiral screw system

Unlike sludge presses such as conveyor belts and filter presses, the structure of dewatering screw presses is divided into 4 areas:

  • Zone 1 and zone 2 have a large gap between the stainless steel rings with the main task of separating water (concentrated area).
  • Zone 3 has a smaller gap between the stainless steel rings, which is responsible for performing the preliminary pressing process and separating the water present in the sludge.
  • Zone 4 has a very small gap between the stainless steel rings. This zone is combined with the sludge pressing disc to reduce the moisture content of the sludge below 80% and then it is taken out.
Structure of screw press machine
Structure of screw press machine

Principle of screw press

The screw press is designed to operate on the principle of the torsion load shaft operating continuously inside a circular cylindrical mesh cage assembled in two halves.

When there is feed material (sludge is in liquid form), the screw conveyor will lift the material forward. The screw will take care of both transporting raw materials and squeezing the materials together to squeeze out the water until the sludge adheres to the residue and reaches a certain dryness.

After the sludge has been glued together and reached the required dryness, the screw will push the waste material in turn through the screw slot to fall out according to the trough installed at the outlet of the machine. The water after the separation process will be collected by a conical funnel installed right under the body of the machine.

Deawatering Screw Press
Deawatering Screw Press

2. Advantages and suitable fields


  • For high volume wastewater
  • Has an automatic washing system
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • The body is highly durable
  • The dryness is high but still lower than that of a filter press
  • Can press continuously 14 hours/day

Applications for

1.The field of processing vegetable oils such as peanut oil, coconut oil or coconut milk extract, ..

The field of processing vegetable oils
The field of processing vegetable oils

2. The field of environmental treatment such as chemical sludge treatment, aquaculture ponds or garbage pressing, microbial sludge pressing, …

Aquaculture sector
Aquaculture sector

3. Food processing such as juicing: pineapple, sugarcane, etc.

Sugarcane processing factory
Sugarcane processing factory

4. The field of processing aquatic waste products such as shrimp shells, waste products from fish processing factories, etc.

processing aquatic waste products factory
processing aquatic waste products factory

In the other hand, the screw mud press will also have quite a few disadvantages that interested people should note as follows

3. Disadvantages and ways to overcome


  • Need a lot of Polymer for the best mud cake flocculation process
  • Great power consumption
  • The selling price of screw presses is quite high, 2.5 times higher than similar machines
  • The machine’s operating productivity is lower than the initial investment cost
  • Sludge press accessories for this type of machine are not available, so it is difficult for maintenance and replacement of equipment of the machine.

How to fix

Of course, we will also have methods to maximize the above situation by calculating and observing the amount of polymer injected each month to reconsider the cost of coagulant chemicals.

  • If your end goal is high quality dry sludge output.
  • If the amount of sludge discharged by your treatment system is not too large.
  • And especially if you don’t want to spend too much polymer on the flocculation process, a CHAMBER FILTER PRESS will be the best choice.
Chamber filter press
Chamber filter press

Because the chamber filter press has a simple structure consisting of only a hydraulic system, machine frame, plate frame and filter cloth, so the price will be much softer.

Not only that, the replacement parts of the chamber filter press are both popular and available, saving time and money during the replacement process.

Chamber filter press accessories
Chamber filter press accessories

The machine will be very suitable for investors who want to save outstanding power and benefit the operator.

Save many times more energy than screw press, because the machine works in batch, so just press the “Close” button to put all the plate frame to one side and pump the sludge in, wait until the sludge fills up in the filter cloth. Then we proceed to press the “Open” button to pull the hydraulic out to proceed to separate the mud from the plate frame.

Output cake of chamber filter press
Output cake of chamber filter press

4. Conclusion

Regarding the fields suitable for screw presses, chamber filter presses can all handle it. So should I use a screw press or a plate frame? All will be selected based on the end purpose and different priority according to the requirements of each customer.

Do you still have many questions and doubts in deciding to choose a mud press for investment?

Leave your info in the comments below, and our experts will help answer any questions you may have!

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