Waste water treatment of paint industry Jotun Paint Factory – Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park

Waste water treatment of paint industry Jotun Paint Factory – Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park.


On April 26, at Gem Center Convention Center, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, the signing ceremony of land lease contract between Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park Joint Stock Company and Jotun Son Group took place. Accordingly, Jotun Paint Group chose Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park as the location to build a new paint factory in Vietnam.

treatment of paint industry

The project has an area of 10 hectares, located at Lot F3, Street No. 1, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Hiep Phuoc Commune, Nha Be, HCMC. The project has an initial scale of 80 million liters of liquid paint and 10 million kg of powder coating per year. The total investment capital of the project is 70 million USD. This is Jotun’s second factory project in Vietnam, this new project is considered a “green building” in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park with a scale of 10 times larger than the current Jotun factory in Binh Duong.

Jotun Paint Factory has started to renovate the ground since February 2019, it is estimated that the construction process will take about 2 years and 4 months and will be completed in May 2021. The new factory is designed with a production capacity of 85 million liters of water-based paint and 10,000 tons of powder coating per year.

Lễ khởi công nhà máy Sơn Jotun

WESTERN FILTER TECH is proud to be one of the equipment suppliers for this great project

Western Filter Tech is proud to be one of the equipment suppliers for the factory. With a team of experts from ASIA  and EU countries, we provide the highest quality products – the most advanced technology to our customers.

Why was the WESTERN FILTER TECH mud press selected to be in the field of sludge treatment in the paint industry?

Unlike other mud press suppliers in the market who always choose to reduce cost as a target to reach the market, We choose our own path, which is product quality as the top priority. For us, product quality is vital, orienting a team to strive together.

What criteria to evaluate a high quality product?

According to WESTERN FILTER TECH, there are 3 basic criteria to evaluate the quality of a sludge press system that meets quality standards.

  • Machine structure.
  • Protective paint quality.
  • Manufacturing technology.

Machine structure

Mối hàn 6G

(The machine frame has a welded structure that meets 6G standards (treatment of paint industry sludge)

Protective paint quality

Đo độ dày từng lớp sơn

Measure the thickness of the prime layer (treatment of paint industry sludge)

We always strictly control the paint quality including paint type and coating quality. JOTUN primer with high coverage – smooth is always a brand that we trust. The machines we supply to the market have experienced many years in highly corrosive environments but still ensure structural durability.

Measuring paint thickness for each process is a task that we often overlook, but it is a mandatory standard to ensure resistance. This goes through many steps and many processes. Usually we apply 10-15 coats for the primer and 10-15 coats for the top coat.

Manufacturing technology

WESTERN FILTER TECH chooses ASIA technology for the paint industry sludge treatment project with features from popular to high-end such as:

  • Open drainage system combined with troughs.
  • Two-bridge hopper system collects sludge after pressing.
  • Especially in this project, we also integrated special ABS technology into the machine to increase the ability to self-fall – reduce the maximum mud cake moisture.

EXPERIENCE AND OPERATION OF THE COMPANY Slurry treatment paint industry at JOTUN Hiep Phuoc paint factory.

On October 27, 2021 WESTERN FILTER TECH cooperated with the JOTUN paint factory supervisory board to test and accept the operation under load and train operating instructions at the factory.

xử lý bùn thải ngành sơn

Image of a prefabricated house with a system 1 mud press machine (treatment of paint industry sludge)

Hình máy thực tế lắp đặt

Image of finished sludge press system 1 (treatment of paint industry sludge)

vận hành máy ép bùn sơn Jotun

Image of water after pressing system 1 (treatment of paint industry sludge)

Hệ thống châm hóa chất sơn Jotun

Chemical system system 1 (treatment of paint industry sludge)

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