Filter Cloth

Filter cloth is the core technology of oil fractionation filter press; Filter cloth will affects fractionation result and oil yield rate; Western filter adopts Switzerland or USA made filter cloth which can be used in fractionation for stearin and olein having characteristics of clean filtrate and discharge cake easily; WHY DO YOU CHOOSE WESTERN FILTER […]

Filter plate

Filter plates are the heart of filter press. Characteristics of recessed filter plate: -High temperature and pressure resistance, excellent anti-corrosion and sealing performance. -High pressure filtration, lower cake moisture . -Fast filtration, uniform cake washing. -Clear filtrate, high solid recovery . -Simple structure, easy maintenance. -Excellt sealing between the filter plate and filter cloth, which […]

Specilized in nonmetallic mine industry

X800 series, X1000 series and X1250 high feeding pressure series filter press are specializing in powder industry and market Characteristics: Enduring use of filter plates and filter cloth, fast filtering, low moisture of filter cake. Specially in mini-powder using field with non-slurry leaking and splashing and operation cost economizing; Application: Kaolin, active clay, calcium carbonate, graphite, feldspar, […]

About VietWater 2017

About VietWater 2017 Towards the sustainable water development, Vietnam’s Leading International Water Supply, Sanitation, Water Resources and Purification Event – VIETWATER will set it’s 9th edition at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 8 – 10 November 2017. This is the only Vietnam’s water trade-event, fully supported by Vietnam Water Supply and […]

Titanium dioxide

XQH hanging series filter press Characteristics: It can equip the auto. cloth washer system, the max washing pressure can reach 100bar The auto. plate separate system install in the hanging beams to avoid the sludge corrode it, longer service life The hanging design is beneficial to separate the filter plate one by one, also easy […]

Steel industry wastewater filter press

Western filter can supply all kinds of the wasterwater treatment equipment and system in steel industry; such as converter wastewater, billet wastewater, cold rolling wastewater, hot rolling wastewater, washing wastewater ect;

Oil fractionation filter press

Characteristics of oil fractionation filter press: Adopting anti-oil membrane plate which according with food industry hygienic standard. Membrane raw material is PP, can be inflated by oil or compressed air, the max, squeezing pressure reached 16bar to gain the dryer cakes with less residal oil rate. After squeezing, blow/anti-blow compressed air to every pipes to […]

Municipal sludge filter press

A volume changeable high-pressure membrne filter press utilizing the membrane filtration technique will provide solutions to meet the demands and constraints of today municipal sludge treatment. The most important process steps: filter press closing by hydraulic cylinder—feeding sludge—-membrane squeeze —-air blow the filter cake—obtain the lower moisture—discharge the cake. The features of the above dewatering-dryer […]