Filter plate

  • Filter plates are the heart of filter press.


  • Characteristics of recessed filter plate:

-High temperature and pressure resistance, excellent anti-corrosion and sealing performance.

-High pressure filtration, lower cake moisture .

-Fast filtration, uniform cake washing.

-Clear filtrate, high solid recovery .

-Simple structure, easy maintenance.

-Excellt sealing between the filter plate and filter cloth, which eliminate the leakage.


  • Cake sludge filtration of the filter presses achieve high dryness up to 35% so will save transportation costs as well as handling the rental units professional sludge treatment
  • Filter plates and filter cloth used in sludge dewatering, the frame is made of 100% polypropylence should be consistent with the type of corrosive sludge high chemical applications in the chemical industry.
  • The cost of electricity, as well as polymers of low consuming when using western filter press
  • Large capacity and modern production technology to the Western filter presses meet standards strictest technology
  • We are proud to be the manufacturer of slurry frame presses In Vietnam with a team of dedicated engineers, professional training courses so that your company can be assured in the process of consulting technology, The selection of equipment as well as after-sales service that we perform with the highest concentration and responsibility.

We have a modeling filter press for testing slurry at your site before decided to buy it. That is a free testing with a full reported after test. Please contact with our company to get the solution for solving all the trouble about your sludge


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